“W”orld AIDS Day


The Indian and south African cricket teams participated and kicked off signature campaign to spread awareness on “Stigma  & Discrimination” against people living with HIV/AIDS. A major event involving celebrities and key Indian Players was organized which was followed up by a major campaign at the chepauk cricket stadium involving the spectators.

CLIENT TTDC (Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation
CAMPAIGN Village Cuisine Event
Problem/ Opportunity Tamil Nadu Tourism had come up with an initiative to promote different kinds of cuisines from the rural sectors of the state. A grand event had to be conducted which would showcase these cuisines and promote them.
Key Insight With health and healthy food becoming a topic of  great interest in urban India, rural cuisines offered a promise of nutritious, taste food without the ill-effects of the modern fast food.
Creative Idea/ Strategy Gramathu Virundhu – a grand event that promised a feast of rural cuisine from all parts of Tamil Nadu.
Execution The event was held in Island Grounds, Chennai. A major portion of the venue was set to a complete rural ambience with thatched shelters, potters wheels, cattle sheds, haystacks, etc., giving the whole place a very rustic feel. The food stalls were all done up in typical village-styled settings and the food served had a rural flavor in its preparation, taste and serving.

A communication package that included press ads (in English and Tamil) and posters at the venue publicized the event amongst the city’s foodies.

Result The event, though highlighting rural cuisines, was conducted in Chennai and hence gave the city-bred an opportunity to sample an authentic village feast.

Visitors not only got a taste of the food prepared and served in the villages, but they were also transported to a village setting during their visit to the event.