“S”treet Play

Street Play


NCD (Non-communicable diseases) & Women and childcare

Problem/ Opportunity

When it came to spreading awareness about NCD, there were many sections of the target segment that could not be reached through mass media. Literacy, lack of access and remote locations were reasons for this. An effective medium had to be developed for reaching out to and spreading the message to these sections.

Key Insight

An active medium invariably ended up being more powerful in creating awarenes and passing on a message than passive, dormant mediums like newspapers or collateral.

Creative Idea/ Strategy

Use interesting information dessemination tools like story telling, play acting and performances to drive the message home.

Execution Over 30 teams were prepared to narrate or enact over 10 stories through which the messages regardng NCD and women & childcare were reached to the target segment. These teams worked tirelessly, visiting various pockets where the TA was present, enacting the street plays that were both informative and entertaining.
Result The street plays were very well received by the audiences across the state. There were interesting exchanges, question & answer sessions and informative interactions that helped increase the awareness of the TA.