Most communication focuses on urban India – not surprising, considering the fact that the proliferation of mass media is the highest here. However, most clients have to contend with a basic truth – a majority of India still lives in villages. So how does one reach consumers in such remote locations, without the help of traditional media?

That’s where Sreshta has differentiated itself from other agencies, by establishing a department exclusively focusing on Rural India. This department is not merely an extension of the advertising agency, but comprises professionals who have a finger on the pulse of rural areas relevant to the client. Special strategies are thought out and unique creative solutions – be it street plays, puppet theatre or village melas – are offered to ensure that the target segment in villages get exposed to communication that appeals to them.

In short, Sreshta successfully reaches out to both large cities with millions and small villages that have a few hundred inhabitants with the same level of ease, and firmly establish the client’s brand in their households with work that works.

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