“R”ight Ranga


CAMPAIGN ABC Communication
Problem/ Opportunity Abstinence or creating awareness about HIV/AIDS is mostly a tough task, for you need to impact behavioral changes.

Three major subjects: Abstinence, Being Faithful, Condom Usage (ABC communication)

Three different sets of TA: youth, married partners and the risk takers

Key Insight A sensitive subject, with a varied TG who need to be addressed through a single campaign, requires  a powerful voice that can speak to all three segments and get the message across.
Creative Idea/ Strategy Creation of a dynamic and iconic personality: Right Ranga.
Execution Programmed interventions and key messages, conveyed in a very friendly manner and covertly, instead of being preachy or threatening.
Result Right Ranga evoked a tremendous interest in the subject, and gave a good reach.

He became a very popular character, with hotels and fanclubs being named after him. (He continues to enjoy top-of-the mind recall in HIV prevention even today.)

The overall response to the campaign was positive and most importantly a model which was replicated in different avatars across different regions.