There are times when meekly accepting a fact or a brief may not work to the brand’s advantage. It’s important to scratch the surface and see what’s beneath, to scrutinize thoroughly to find out if we have missed out something that could make a big difference to the communication, and to unearth those nuggets that could make our campaign stand out in the cluttered media space.

But for all these to be possible, we need to begin with questioning what is in front of us. And that is how every job at Sreshta begins. Relentless questioning leads us in pursuit of answers, some of which is obtained from the client, some from the market and the consumer, and a few others, from the internet.

More importantly, our habit of questioning helps us prepare ourselves better for each job, as we are aware of what we are setting out to accomplish and how we need to do it.

It is said that God lies in the details – and to unearth these details, nothing works better than a round of two of questioning.