“P”othys (Samudrika)


BRAND Samudrika Pattu
Problem/ Opportunity Silk sarees were generally referred to by their GI identity, such as Kanchipuram silk, Banaras silk, Mysore silk, etc.
Key Insight “Sarvalakshanam” refers to a bride’s attribute.
Creative Idea/ Strategy Linking the bride’s attributes to her saree – as a result, “Samudrika Pattu – sarvalakshana pattu” was born.
Execution We gave this silk saree a new brand name and a category association with brides. The weight of the saree, softness, feel, 5 threaded weave, pure silver zari and the parentage of Kanchipuram were the attributes highlighted in a focused campaign across mass media.
Result This branding exercise helped create a new brand in silk sarees and in a very short period of time it became generic, to the extent we had to claim authenticity through a trade mark registration.

Not stopping with it, the brand had been given extensions through “Sankyalakshanam” where the Bride’s and the Bridegroom’s names were weaved on the saree as a special product plus.

And to this day it’s the most sought-after bridal/wedding silk saree ever both in terms of sales and imagery

The image of Pothys took a quantum jump due to its strong association with the hugely successful silk saree brand