CAMPAIGN Designer Hunt
Problem/ Opportunity To spot the best talent in the country and offer them three-fold rewards – recognition, an opportunity to work with celebrity designers and also their chance of a lifetime to design a range of apparel and home furnishing upholstery for NTC.
Key Insight India has a burgeoning youth population that is supremely talented – the time is perfect to make use of this talent and showcase it to the world.
Creative Idea/ Strategy ‘Where the young designers work with the best designers’
Execution A two-pronged communication programme was launched as part of this operation. The first phase comprised a nationwide talent hunt for the best young designers. This was accompanied by a 45-day campaign across print, press and radio. Suitable collateral was also created through posters, invites, banners, backdrops and other elements of communication in traditional and social media.

Phase 2 was the culmination of the designer hunt which ended with a grand finale – an event where the winners were feted and were introduced to the expert designer with whom they would team up.

Result Both phases of the programme had extensive media coverage. Over 1200 applicants from 250 fashion institutes and college across India applied for the event, with 45 young designers reaching the final round.

The event was a big hit for all concerned – the young designers, the fashion institutes and for the client.