“L”anson Toyota

Lanson Toyota

Campaign Customer service and customer delight


Problem/ Opportunity Lanson Toyota, the premier dealership for Toyota was coming up with a spectacular event to honour its existing customers. An exclusive communication package had to be created to announce the event and also enthuse the customers to be a part of it.
Key Insight Toyota customers were mostly high-end and were patrons of the finer aspects of life.
Creative Idea/ Strategy To create attractive, relevant communication that would strike a chord with the target segment by being distinctive and premium – and come as a pleasant surprise to them.
Execution Two levels of communication were created using personalized Direct Mailers. DM1 was accompanied by a full pizza that was personally delivered with each DM. This signified the speed of response of Lanson Toyota when it came to servicing its customers.

DM2 was accompanied by an exquisite wine glass that was beautifully packed, an indication of the class and sophistication with which Lanson Toyota treated its customers.

The two accompaniments were also teasers to foretell the ‘dinner and cocktails’ nature of the event.

Result The event was well-received and attended by a sizeable number of customers. It not only gave the client a crucial touch point for enhancing his relationship with existing customers, but also gave him an opportunity to showcase the future editions of Toyota cars to be launched in the near future, thereby adding to the sales figures for the financial year.