CLIENT Shree Jewellery
BRAND/ CAMPAIGN Traditional gold jewelry
Problem/ Opportunity If Shree Jewelry was touted as the Temple of Gold, then it was time to create a range of jewelry that was made for the Gods.
Key Insight Most often, the purchase of jewelry is associated with an auspicious event, such as a birth, an engagement, a wedding and so on.
Creative Idea/ Strategy Abhushana Sastra – the science of design originated from the supreme architect of all times, Vishwakarma. Here’s jewelry that pays a tribute to him.
Execution The package was spearheaded by the concept of Abhushana Sastra, for which a unit was created. An exclusive DM was also designed in the form of a large sized book with an old-world look.  A large mock-up of this was also displayed in the showroom. A press campaign was also devised based on this, explaining how abhushana sastra, the divine science and art of designing jewelry, offered customers divinely blessed jewelry.
Result The DM, the campaign and the large mock-up in the showroom became a talking point in the city and added to the curiosity of customers who came thronging to the showroom. Needless to say, the entire exercise resulted in increased sales and a delighted client.
Jewellery 1