CLIENT Hyundai
BRAND Santro
Problem/ Opportunity Santro’s tall-boy design was a hit with the men, but women still shied away from it, going in for other alternatives.
Key Insight On conducting a survey among the TG, it was inferred women per se were paranoid when it comes to backing up or while parking at a specific slot.
Creative Idea/ Strategy Combining the various prevalent features in Santro such as, better all round view, easier maneuvering, greater clearance, etc., we made the Santro seem women-friendly.
Execution Using Sharukh Khan’s image all the more helped in attracting the attention of the womenfolk followed by an exclusive campaign in women’s magazines.
Result Santro’s women buyers jumped to about 5% of the overall sales from almost level zero.

The success of the idea led the client to rope in a female celebrity to endorse Santro along with Sharukh Khan and also implement the campaign on a nationwide basis