CLIENT Whirlpool
CAMPAIGN Ek Jodi kapda
Problem/ Opportunity There are millions of underprivileged people who do not have access to respectable clothing right through the year.
Key Insight Most often, urban-ites and the affluent sections of society do not know what to do with their old clothes and hence end up discarding it in a manner that it is of no use to anyone.
Creative Idea/ Strategy Donate your old clothes – someone needs them more than you do.
Execution A campaign was executed to inform those wanting to discard their old clothes that they could do so at their nearest Whirlpool outlet. This was executed in Chennai, Madurai, Trichy and other keading cities and towns of Tamil Nadu. Whirlpool also sent its volunteers on a door-to-door campaign to collect old clothes from residents. The clothes thus collected were then handed over to Goonj, an NGO that worked towards women’s empowerment.
Result Thanks to Whirlpool’s initiative  and Goonj’s involvement, the old clothes were taken to remote villages and distributed amongst the lesser privileged. In the end, it brought smiles to the faces of many – the recipients, the donors, and the client.