What makes Sreshta the trusted communication partner for all its clients? What is it that goes into the making of professional relationships that have flourished for over a decade and continue to do so?

Dependability. That’s one of our key offerings to our clients. It’s about going beyond the call of duty and delivering, regardless of the challenges that come our way. Like the time when a client required celebrities to grace his event and we made it possible, through our personal contacts and at such short notice.

Or the instance when a client needed a 3-d animated character developed for his TV commercial in a very short time span. When most studios in the city turned down the project because of its turnaround time, our creative team got together and not only created the character, but also completed the entire animation sequence in-house and met the deadline.

Another  challenge came in the way of a client who had completed the film with a movie star, but had failed to carry out the still photography for the outdoor and magazine campaigns. Undeterred, we made use of cutting-edge technology to offer them a solution that looked as good as the outcome of a photography session.

These are just a few instances of clients expressing their delight in the fact that they could depend on us when they needed us the most.