Condom Promotion

CLIENT AIDS prevention and control project (APAC)
CAMPAIGN Target Intervention
Problem/ Opportunity Truck drivers and migrants were becoming carriers of HIV and were instrumental in spreading it through unsafe sex. This had to be addressed on a war footing.
Key Insight The trucker community generally lacks awareness when it comes to safe sex. It often indulges in sex with multiple partners, especially because of staying away from home for long periods of time.

Another key insight is that truck drivers kill time by playing cards.

Creative Idea/ Strategy Playing cards with condom caricatures that would pass on relevant messages in an entertaining, but easily comprehensible manner.
Execution An exclusive set of playing cards were created specially for truck drivers. These had condom caricatures with colourful backgrounds on one side and a relevant message written in a witty or flippant manner that would appeal to them, on the other side. Packs of these cards were then distributed to all truck drivers and migrants.