“A”adi Sale – Pothys



CAMPAIGN Aadi Sale (Aadi is a Tamil month that occurs each year between 15th July to 15th August.)
Problem/ Opportunity Discounts during Aadi had become a generic proposition as every retail brand down south indulged in the same.
Key Insight It is human to expect to save even as one spends money shopping.
Creative Idea/ Strategy What if Pothys gave its customers, especially the younger generation, an incentive to save when they shopped during the month of Aadi? This was the thought that sparked off a campaign involving the distribution of free piggy banks to kids on purchase of apparel at Pothys. It was also a powerful way of inculcating a good habit – of saving – amongst youngsters.
Execution There was a mass media blitz that involved mainline newspapers, TV, radio and outdoor that announced the exciting offer and also showcased the colourful, attractive piggy banks.
Result Over a million piggy banks were given away during the month of Aadi, leaving both children and parents delighted – the former, because of the attractive gifts they were getting and the latter, because their children were learning to save at a young age.

The success of this offer prompted Pothys to continue with it for four years in succession.